Archie’s Sonic comic series began publication in 1992 and were published by Archie Comic up until its cancellation in 2017, after a 25-year run. During its publication, many talented people worked on the blue blur’s comic adventure, among them writer Ian Flynn.

Ian Flynn has been working in the comic industry for over 20 years, and he is the former chief writer for Sonic The Hedgehog comics since 2006. His work in Sonic was often in collaboration with artist Tracy Yardley who began his career in Sonic comics in the same year. According to a 2006 interview, Ian Flynn was brought in by Archie Comics to serve as the Sonic comic seres chief writer after the departure of the former series chief writer Ken Penders.

Since 2006, Ian has put Sonic and the rest of the freedom fighters through wild arcs and adventures, from Mobius: 25 Years Later & Iron Dominion arcs to the Genesis Wave that saw the unexpected departure of many of the beloved Archie sonic characters. In 2018, IDW publishing obtained licensing rights for the Sonic comic series and hired Ian as chief writer. The first IDW Sonic comic was published on April 4th, 2018, and became an instant hit among Sonic comic fans. The current sonic comic series has over 64 issues and counting.

The Original Freedom Fighters from Archie’s Sonic comics

….But wait, what happened in Archie’s Sonic comics? Where did all the characters go? Where can fans find out what happened to the Freedom Fighters? and more importantly, what happened that the Archie series had to be canceled? Find out all this and more in our interview with comic writer Ian Flynn. Join Ian and me, as we speak about his time at Archie comic, the freedom fighters, and his current work at IDW.

Unfortunately, SEGA did not allow us to speak about SONIC FRONTIERS.

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