D4DJ Direct Drive Album Giveaway!



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Comment the answer to the following question on the video’s comment section:

Who is your favorite D4DJ character & Why?

You have until March 6th to enter! Please read our Terms and Conditions below. Many may enter only ONE will win. Thank you and good luck!



You agree to the following when entering our giveaways:

  • RECENT UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, USPS around the U.S. have changed their delivery speed. As stated below, we do our best to make sure your item gets to you. We’ll provide you with a tracking number whenever possible.
  • All of our giveaways are FREE (after all, it’s called a GIVEaway)
  • Winners are chosen randomly. No Exceptions.
  • At the moment we can NOT ship overseas, U.S. ONLY
  • You must provide an address (P.O.Box, home, or work) for giveaway delivery via our e-mail ( Addresses will NOT be shared to any third parties & will be deleted once delivery has been confirmed. We will NOT accept in-person deliveries.
  • ALL giveaways are authentic unless stated otherwise in the descriptions (pre-prints, copies, replicas, etc).
  • We can NOT be responsible for lost mail/ giveaways. We do our best to protect your prize. We’ll provide you with a tracking number whenever possible.
  • MAKE SURE the address is given to us is correct.  ANY RTS (Return to Sender) or Incorrect addresses, we will NOT be re-sending the prize(s) and another winner will be chosen instead with the same rules applying.


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