D4DJ Direct Drive Album Giveaway!



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Comment the answer to the following question on the video’s comment section:

Who is your favorite D4DJ character & Why?

You have until 4/2/21 to enter! Please read our Terms and Conditions below. Many may enter only ONE will win. Thank you and good luck!



You agree to the following when entering our giveaways:

  • RECENT UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, USPS around the U.S. have changed their delivery speed. As stated below, we do our best to make sure your item gets to you. We’ll provide you with a tracking number whenever possible.
  • All of our giveaways are FREE (after all, it’s called a GIVEaway)
  • Winners are chosen randomly. No Exceptions.
  • At the moment we can NOT ship overseas, U.S. ONLY
  • You must provide an address (P.O.Box, home, or work) for giveaway delivery via our e-mail ( Addresses will NOT be shared to any third parties & will be deleted once delivery has been confirmed. We will NOT accept in-person deliveries.
  • ALL giveaways are authentic unless stated otherwise in the descriptions (pre-prints, copies, replicas, etc).
  • We can NOT be responsible for lost mail/ giveaways. We do our best to protect your prize. We’ll provide you with a tracking number whenever possible.
  • MAKE SURE the address is given to us is correct.  ANY RTS (Return to Sender) or Incorrect addresses, we will NOT be re-sending the prize(s) and another winner will be chosen instead with the same rules applying.


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