Totally Spies Interview – 20 Years Later


Anime-Inspired cartoons

Many cartoons of the day were an introduction to the world of anime, even if those series were not considered traditional anime. Wakfu, Martin Mystery, Code Lyoko & Totally Spies were all considered anime-influenced or anime-inspired cartoons, often produced in Italy or France. Some of us fondly remember these cartoons, even when we were unaware of what anime or cosplay was. Today we are focusing on one of these series, Totally Spies.

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Remembering Totally Spies

Totally Spies is a series that has gathered a large fan base throughout the year, since it first aired in 2001 on ABC Family. Often described as ‘Charlie’s Angels for kids”, the series revolved around three high school girls who would be literally sucked into a world of evil plots, goofy evil villains, and of course, boy problems. Popularity grew as the seasons passed due to the show’s witty humor and intriguing missions. In 2009, the series had its first motion picture which had a limited theatrical release in the U.S., followed by a 6th season in 2013.

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Totally Spies, Totally Today!

Totally Spies remains alive and well-loved thanks to its large fanbase, sharing fan art, AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and fan-made merchandise. In late 2022, Zodiak Kids and Family Distribution, the current series owners, announced a new 7th season titled Totally Spies! Woohp World. This brand new season will feature brand new character designs for its protagonist and brand new characters. After 20 years, this is literally childhoods in the making. The new season is set to be release sometime this year with no official date announced as of the release of this article. 

Totally Spies Season 7 Keyart

While you wait, watch as Alex and Clover discuss their involvement in the series and their experiences being a WOOHP agent. We got the totally amazing opportunity to interview voice actors Katie Leigh (Alex) and Andrea Baker (Clover) about their roles and experiences behind the mic in the series:

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