ABLAZE’s summer 2023 releases will include Manga, Manhwa & webtoons graphic novels. ABLAZE titles are distributed in print worldwide by Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors. Digital versions of ABLAZE titles are available via most major digital platforms. 

Wakfu Vol. 1: The Quest for the Eliatrope Dofus

The adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu continue in a story that directly follows season 2 of the TV series! See the heroes of WAKFU ride again in the brand new manga series written by Tot, the creator of WAKFU & DOFUS, and illustrated by Said Sassine!

The TV series is based on the tactical turn-based MMORPG developed by Ankama Games of the same name. The game is a squeal to Ankama’s previous game, Dofus. The games series has attracted over 40 million+ players worldwide and is especially well-known in France.

As for the TV series, the first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes would continue to air into January 2010. The third season of Waku premiered on Netflix worldwide on April 6, 2018, and featured an all-new English cast with Voice actors from Los Angeles. On May 7, 2020, Ankama announced that season 4, intended as the story’s final chapter, is currently in development. A Kickstarter campaign to fund its production was launched on June 8, 2020; the target was reached within an hour after the campaign was started.

Manga Synopsis

Yugo, Ruel, Percedal, Amalia, and Evangelyne are now living their lives, each on their own. The adventurers reunite at Alibert’s for Yugo and Adamai’s birthday, launching this latest saga when a party pooper comes to interrupt the celebrations and forces our friends to set off on the road once again for adventure! Available June 27th

TERROR MAN Vol. 1 by Handong Woo and Kojin Ho

Based on the hit Korean webtoon, this comic offers a complex, compelling story of an unlikely hero who is misunderstood and unappreciated for the good he does.

Written by Handong Woo and illustrated by Kojin Ho, this Manhwa series began serialization on the official Thai Webtoon on December 15, 2016. The series has two seasons, with a third season seemingly on hiatus. Currently, there is no official English release; however, ABLAZE will release a new manhwa series based on the hit Webtoon comic on June 27, 2023.

Manhwa Synopsis

Jungwoo Min has a special ability, one that lets him see when a path leads to a misfortune or disaster. He uses his “Eyes of Misfortune” to spot these unfortunate events and stop them. Disguising himself as a terrorist, he begins using his power to save people from certain danger. This leads him to become feared by the people he is looking to save. Soon he discovers that the more he saves others, the unhappier he becomes. Thus unfolds the story of a hero and his struggle between happiness and despair. And the unfortunate reality of saving the world, even while becoming a supposed terrorist…or TERROR MAN.


CENTAURS delivers a story of adventure and freedom inspired by Japanese mythology and features impressive art and character designs by Sumiyoshi, who created creatures for the bestselling Monster Hunter game series.

Manga Synopsis

Created by Ryo Sumiyoshi, best known for ASHIDAKA: The Iron Hero, this epic fantasy adventure is set in an alternate medieval Japan, where humans co-exist with the mythic half-man/half-horse beasts known as centaurs, or “jinba”. The centaur race was long revered as gods in ancient times; however, with the advent of the Sengoku (warring states) period, humans started to enslave and use them for military purposes due to their speed, stamina, and ability to communicate in human language. Centaurs living in the plains were rapidly subjugated; in contrast, large numbers of centaurs living deep in the mountains were still free due to their relative isolation.

A wild and proud samurai jinba from the mountains named Matsukaze, known as the redheaded rock tiger, is caught while protecting his son. He is traded to a feudal lord and taken to his land. There he meets another centaur named Kohibari, whose village was burned down as a child. He is a tame centaur who had his arms amputated when he was captured and has given up hope of escaping his human captors. If they can get over their differences and work together, they just might be able to return to the wilds as free centaurs. Available July 11th.

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About ABLAZE Publishing

ABLAZE is based in portland Organ, and according to their official website, The mantra of ABLAZE is quality first, with the goals of giving creators a platform, bringing new voices into the conversation, serving as diverse an audience as possible, and bringing some of the best content from all corners of the globe to readers. ABLAZE currently has published over 80 titles. For more information, visit their official website here.

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