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Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to SoCal!

CALLING all SoCal Hello Kitty fans!

Hello Kitty cafes have been a huge hit in Asia, with a few popping up in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and of course, Japan.

SoCal Hello Kitty fans are finally, going to enjoy official Hello Kitty sweets and treats!

Various  types of the treats served on the Hello Kitty Food Truck

Opening up some time next year, Sanrio Co. has decided to open up the first U.S.Hello Kitty cafe in Irvine, California! The cafe will serve Hello Kitty Tea, Sodas, coffee, Hello Kitty cookies & mini-cakes. Other Hello Kitty characters are said to make an appearance on the pastries such as, My keroppi, Little Twin Stars, & Chococat.

The Irvine Spectrum Center

Unfortunately for fans, there is no exact date when the cafe will actually open, HOWEVER, we can still join the Hello Kitty Experience by visiting the Hello Kitty temporary cafe Pop up at Irvine Spectrum Center.

The actual design of the Cafe that will soon open its doors

The Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up is a cafe designed within a metal shipping container and, according to Irvine Spectrum Center, is set to open in about 2 weeks  and is expected to be open for at least 7 months. This pop up cafe is serve everything the actual cafe serves and will be located at at the Giant Wheel Court.


People lined to get their Hello kitty sweets

Last week, fans were also able to enjoy the Hello Kitty experience at Glendale Galleria, where the Hello Kitty Food Truck made a special appearance. Take a look some of the photos from the event here!

Watch the event here:

Like Hello Kitty? Check out Sanrio’s newest Character, GUDETAMA Here!


Miraculous Ladybug


Very few foreign cartoons, aside from Anime, make its way into popularity. One of those said cartoons is, Miraculous Ladybug!

Thomas Astruc creator of Miraculous Ladybug

Created/Written by Thomas Astruc and produced by PGS Entertainment, Toei Animation, Zagtoon, Method Animation and SAMG Animation. Ladybug is one of few cartoons to be produced multi-nationally.

The very first image of Miraculous Ladybug by Thomas.

It was originally announced on, April 04 2010, as a 2D cartoon series and other possible media formats. It was also mentioned that a feature film would in the works.

In August 26 2012, a LadyBug OVA was privately uploaded to youtube entitled, “Lady Bug Japanese version” (or “LadyBug PV”), which was later leaked out to the public that same year. After the leak the show was known as Miraculous Ladybug and gain massive popularity.

During the production of the show, changes were made in the show’s animation and on February of 2015, previews of the finalized version of the show were released:

finalized CGI version of the show

and in March, the English cast was revealed and are as follows,

Marinette Cheng / Ladybug – Cristina Vee
Adrien / Chat Noir – Bryce Papenbrook
Alya – Carrie Keranen
Hawk Moth – Keith Silverstein
Plagg – Max Mittelman
Tikki – Mela Lee


Finally, on July 4 2015, it was announced that the show will have an app with mini web series based on the show, printable activities, and blog posts from Marinette about her daily life and secret life.

We are unaware if the app is translated in English

The show is set to be release on Dec 6th on Nickelodeon at 9AM, don’t miss it!

Dec 6th at 9AM



We all feared we’d wait another 3 years before the next Hatsune MIku concert, like we did in 2011 – 2014, however its was recently announced that HATSUNE MIKU will be back in 2016!

WP_20141012_092 copy
Miku during MikuExpo 2014 at NOKIA LIVE

Only this time, she’s back for ONE day only: Friday, May 6, 2016 at 8:00pm at Microsoft LIVE (Formally known as, NOKIA LIVE)


WP_20141012_018 copy


ORDER: Axent Wear Cat Headphones

Created by Wenqing Yan aka ‘Yuumei’ and entrepreneur Victoria Hu, the AxentWear cat earphones gain popularity when they first seen on Indiegogo.

Funded on November 22, 2015 with a total of $3,429,046 raised to back up the project.

On November 13th 2015, the public were able to buy the headphone on, where its now being sold for $149.99 $129.99 (+Shipping and Handling) with 4 colours to choose from, PURPLE, BLUE, RED and GREEN

Buy the Axent Wear Cat Headphones on BrookStone! Make sure to read the REVIEWS on the product page before buying!

New Manga by Death Note Creators

Creator duo Takeshi Obata & Tsugumi Ohba Are back with a manga series!

Platinum End

It has been reveled that the duo behind Death Note & Bakuman will launch a new manga titled Platinum End in the December issue of Shueisha‘s Jump SQ. This will be the duo’s 3rd manga creation and has since debuted in Japan on Nov. 4th.

platinum-end (1)
According to the Anime News Network, the story’s about “a human and an angel, which will center around Mirai Kakehashi, a boy who ‘does not seek out hope in order to live.'”

The duo has had much success with their work, with the most popular being Death Note. Death Note, first released in December 2003, has been adapted into an anime series, 2 Anime movies, 2 novels, 3 live action movies and most recently,  Musical that ran at Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre from April 6-29. Warner Bros is currently working on a screenplay for a live action version of Death Note.




League Los Angeles 2015


Held in Arcadia, Ca, League Los Angeles 2015 was event created by League of Legends fans, for League of Legends fans. Created to celebrate the championship finals, the event was filled with LoL fans and cosplayers. Though the event was abit disorganized, it was very fun. Unfortunately, due to lack of cosplayers, our League Los Angeles cosplay was short, but here it is! Enjoy!

Also, check out our League Los Angeles photoset here:

IMG_2147 IMG_2166 IMG_2176

The GUDETAMA Food Menu Overview


Gudetama is a Sanrio character introduced in 2013 based on an egg lacking in “spunk”. His name is a play on “gude gude”; used to describe someone with no energy or strength and possibly tama from tamago (egg). He is sometimes seen with a man in an orange/yellow costume that fully covers the body. Apart from being a popular character, Gudetama also has a short anime series on YouTube.


I found the character very adorable though I never paid much attention to the actual character, at least not until now. During Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015, I encountered Gudetama again & it was at the booth that I found out about the delicious Gudetama-inspired Menu at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar.

The GUDETAMA Menu – Meal Set

The Gudetama Menu was created by Chef Ernestor Urchimura, Founding Chef and Partner of Plan Check.

I decided to go and check out this menu for myself, and with the help of my assistant, I set out to find this

Watch my journey along with the Gudetama Menu overview here:

The Gudetama Menu is only served at Plan Check. There are 3 different Plan Check locations In Los Angeles:

-1800 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

-351 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

-1111 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017

This menu will only be available from Oct 30 ~ Nov 29, Check it out while you still can!


In honor of Gudetama & the Gudetama menu, we’ll be giving out 10 small Gudetama buttons!

Check out the video for instructions on how to get one