Very few foreign cartoons, aside from Anime, make its way into popularity. One of those said cartoons is, Miraculous Ladybug!

Thomas Astruc creator of Miraculous Ladybug

Created/Written by Thomas Astruc and produced by PGS Entertainment, Toei Animation, Zagtoon, Method Animation and SAMG Animation. Ladybug is one of few cartoons to be produced multi-nationally.

The very first image of Miraculous Ladybug by Thomas.

It was originally announced on, April 04 2010, as a 2D cartoon series and other possible media formats. It was also mentioned that a feature film would in the works.

In August 26 2012, a LadyBug OVA was privately uploaded to youtube entitled, “Lady Bug Japanese version” (or “LadyBug PV”), which was later leaked out to the public that same year. After the leak the show was known as Miraculous Ladybug and gain massive popularity.

During the production of the show, changes were made in the show’s animation and on February of 2015, previews of the finalized version of the show were released:

finalized CGI version of the show

and in March, the English cast was revealed and are as follows,

Marinette Cheng / Ladybug – Cristina Vee
Adrien / Chat Noir – Bryce Papenbrook
Alya – Carrie Keranen
Hawk Moth – Keith Silverstein
Plagg – Max Mittelman
Tikki – Mela Lee


Finally, on July 4 2015, it was announced that the show will have an app with mini web series based on the show, printable activities, and blog posts from Marinette about her daily life and secret life.

We are unaware if the app is translated in English

The show is set to be release on Dec 6th on Nickelodeon at 9AM, don’t miss it!

Dec 6th at 9AM


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