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AxentWear Cat Headphones In Los Angeles

Take a look at our Newest video! AxentWear Cat Headphones in Los Angeles

If haven’t seen our OVERVIEW video these awesome headphones, watch it here:’

ORDER: Axent Wear Cat Headphones

Created by Wenqing Yan aka ‘Yuumei’ and entrepreneur Victoria Hu, the AxentWear cat earphones gain popularity when they first seen on Indiegogo.

Funded on November 22, 2015 with a total of $3,429,046 raised to back up the project.

On November 13th 2015, the public were able to buy the headphone on Brookstone.com, where its now being sold for $149.99 $129.99 (+Shipping and Handling) with 4 colours to choose from, PURPLE, BLUE, RED and GREEN

Buy the Axent Wear Cat Headphones on BrookStone! Make sure to read the REVIEWS on the product page before buying!