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Anime ‘KamiErabi’ Unveils New Information for its October Premiere


New anime series by Anime industry legends is set to premiere this October in Japan!

KamiErabi is an original new anime created in collaboration with Yoko Taro, Atsushi Ohkubo, JIN, and Hiroyuki Seshita. The anime is set to premiere in Japan on October 4.

Slow Curve, an anime production company, has recently revealed the newest visual, PV, cast, and opening and ending song artists for the upcoming anime. The new visual, which showcases the character was drawn by Atsushi Ohkubo, the characters. Ohkubo will serve as the series’ character designer.

The PV offers a glimpse of the “fetish x battle royale game” concept teased earlier, along with a preview of the opening theme song. The anime will premiere on October 4 on Fuji TV’s +Ultra block, with worldwide streaming on Crunchyroll (excluding Asia).

KamiErabi is a large-scale project with an original story by Yoko Taro, the globally-renowned director of the hit game “NieR: Automata”, scripts by JIN of “Kagerou Project”, character designs by Atsushi Ohkubo, creator of the hit manga series “Fire Force” and “Soul Eater”, and directed by Hiroyuki Seshita of “Knights of Sidonia” and “BLAME!” fame.

Anime Synopsis

A message received on a smartphone, triggers a series of events for High school students who must now fight each other in a battle royale for the chance to become a god.

Goro, a first-year high school student at a private high school in Tokyo, has no hopes, no dreams, and no ambitions. The world is indifferent to him, and he has a faint longing for Honoka, a classmate from the same school. He and his best friend Akitsu live a boring, unchanging life. One day, Goro receives a strange notification on his smartphone: “You have been chosen. Breathe into me your wish.” Thinking it malicious spam, Goro types, “I want to have sex with Honoka, the woman of my dreams.” The next day, Honoka invites him to drop his pants at an unpopular arcade… “Congratulations on your great accomplishment!” Then, a mysterious girl, Lall, suddenly appears. Confused by this series of events, Goro is told of a cruel fate.

Goro has been chosen by the “Great Will” to become a god to make his wish come true. With other potential gods, they are to kill one another until there is only one left. The ability given is the “Scripture of Fools”. At the cost of the “Misfortune” that befalls you, the power to twist the cause and effect of the world and manipulate the reason of this world at will. The first god candidate who appeared to kill Goro was, of course, Honoka, whom he had longed for. What choice will Goro make against Honoka, who attacks him mercilessly? Thus, the fetish battle royal by the god candidates, each with their own secrets, begins!

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EHAMIC’S “Koinu no Carnival – From “Minute Waltz” Going Viral After Being Featured on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3


Not many anime songs get featured anywhere other than their intended IP; however, in a rare move, Marvel included the song ‘Koinu no Carnival – From “Minute Waltz’ in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. The song was originally used in the TV anime “Classicaloid.”

Musician EHAMIC

The song was produced by vocalic producer EHAMIC for BN Pictures’ Classicaloidis, an anime series that aired on NHK E-television between 2016 and 2017. It is a comedy in which classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart appear as “Classicaloids” in the modern age. The songs of the classical composers in the series are called “musik” in the show, and the show has gained popularity because of the collaborations by famous musicians, such as Tomoyasu Hotei for Beethoven, TSUNKU♂ for Bach, and Daisuke Asakura for Liszt.

Koinu no Carnival is the only Japanese song selected to be included in the latest Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy: VOLUME 3”. The song received a great response after the film’s release and ranked No. 1 on the Spotify Viral Top 50 Global & USA Chart (as of May 12), and it also reached the Viral Top 50 in countries and regions worldwide.

The bright and light Waltz No. 6 “Minute Waltz,” originally a solo piano piece, has been arranged by EHAMIC with a samba arrangement and lots of dog barks, together with about 50 Vocaloid voices (mainly of the VOCALOID Galaco) overlapping to create a festive and fun piece.

Japanese VOCALOID galaco developed by Internet Co., Ltd. and YAMAHA Corporation, under the Stardust Music, Inc.

Listen to EHAMIC on Spotify

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Highly anticipated DEEMO Memorial Keys Coming to Bluray and Digital


Produced by famed animation studios Production I.G. (Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan) and Signal.MD (Birthday Wonderland, Cyborg 009: Call of Justice) comes the eagerly awaited feature film adaption inspired by the internationally acclaimed “DEEMO” rhythm video game, which has over 28 million downloads worldwide. Featuring visually stunning animation by Production I.G. and Signal.MD, DEEMO Memorial Keys is directed by Shuhei Matsushita (Fuse: Memoirs of a Huntress) with Junichi Fujisaku (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Blood franchise) as a general director. Yuki Kajiura, a prominent music composer and producer who has worked on the scores for multiple anime hits (Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero), created the film’s theme and image songs.

This spring, step inside the extraordinary, ethereal world of DEEMO and beguiled by the awe-inspiring anime movie adventure packed with whimsical characters, beautiful animation, and unforgettable music with gorgeous melodies when DEEMO Memorial Keys hits home entertainment shelves and digital download on March 28, 2023 from Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory, following its nationwide theatrical release.

Film’s Snypois

Fall in love with the enchanting tale of Deemo, a mysterious, lonely character who lives in solitude, playing the piano in a castle. One day a girl who has lost her memory falls from the sky. Wanting to help her recover her memories and return to her world, Deemo discovers that a tree kept atop the piano will grow whenever the piano is played. But if Deemo succeeds in the helping her, will the loss of her companionship prove to be too much? This gentle, ephemeral story of love spun by Deemo, the girl, the mystical residents of the castle, and a tree that grows with the sound of the piano will make you want to return to this world again and again.

English Cast

The movie will feature the English voice talents of Michelle Marie (Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis, The House of the Lost on the Cape), Anairis Quinones (Rainbow High, My Hero Academia), Bryce Papenbrook (Attack on Titan, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir), Mike Pollock (A Night Before Christmas, A Cat in Paris), Luci Christian (Gintama: The Movie, My Hero Academia) and Stephanie Sheh (Your Name, Sailor Moon Crystal).

Preorder Now

 DEEMO Memorial Keys is available for pre-order now on Amazon and will be available in stores and other fine retailers on March 28, 2023.

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The Creator of the World’s first known AMV has passed away


James Kaposztas was the creator of the world’s first known anime music video in 1982 at age of 21. His death was confirmed Sunday via Twitter, by Michael Pinto co-founder and publisher of

Image Source: AMV Filmmakers Association/Sunwagon Productions

According to an interview Kaposztas gave with AnimeCons TV, Kaposztas created the very first AMV by hooking up two video cassette recorders to each other and edited most of the violent scenes from Space Cruiser Yamato (released in the US as “Star Blazers“) to “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. A second version of the video would later be uploaded to his YouTube channel, stating that “[. . .]the Original was damaged”. This newer version is lacks The Beatles’ song due to YouTube copyright infringement rules, however in two year old comments, Kaposztas suggests to “To get an idea of how the AMV would have played out, try playing “All You Need is Love” from a audio source, and sync it up to the beginning of active video. Then play both Audio and Video source.”

Give it a tray, you can listen to “All You Need is Love” on Spotify here and view the AMV here:

With Permission of Kaposztas, Helen McCarthy Co-author of The Anime Encyclopedia, shared Kaposztas’ experience creating the first known AMV in a series of tweets just last year.

According to Pinto, Kaposztas played a key role in supporting early anime events in New York City and Philadelphia. He added, he was among the few cosplayers at the time, who would often cosplay as Captain Avatar (Captain Jūzō Okita) from Space Cruiser Yamato (Star Blazers.) Kaposztas would later be involved with Otakon as part of their staff for 22 years, according to his Linkedin profile.

According to the same Linkedin profile, Kaposztas’ love for anime and video editing lead him to pursue a profession in audio visual editing for over two decades.

Since James Kaposztas’ 1982 AMV, the art of AMVs has been evolving throughout the years, with elaborate editing from its editors and in more recent years, AMVs are being used to promote and distribute original music. We do not think James Kaposztas knew that his creation would lead to a worldwide phenomenon that would be integrated into hundreds of anime conventions throughout the U.S., with some even holding AMV competitions.

May James Kaposztas rest in peace; his legacy never forgotten.

Kvi Baba Releases TRIGUN STAMPADE OP Animation Music Video (MV)


Osaka-based Hip Hop artist Kvi Baba, released an animated music video for his single “TOMBI”. The single was released on January 6, and is serving as the opening theme to TRIGUN STAMPADE anime series. The MV features heavily edited scenes from the series with English captions translated by Minako Ikeshiro.

The music video is directed by Takeru Shibuya of ODDJOB Inc. in collaboration with record label, Toy’s Factory and animation studio Orange Co., Ltd. Director Takeru Shibuya, who is a rapper himself, shared the following ‘graphic frames’ on Twitter,

Kvi Baba began his career in 2019 by releasing his self-titled album Kvi Baba. From late 2019 through 2021, he released five extended plays, Natural Born Pain (2019), Happy Birthday to Me (2020), and Toge Ni Bara (2021), to name a few. On January 6, 2023, he released his latest single, “TOMBI,” which has over 1,007,708 streams on Spotify as of the publication of this article. Following the success of his single, Kvi thanked his fans and supporters on Twitter.

Kvi Baba’s TOMBI is available to purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is based on the original Trigun manga by Yasuhiro Nightow. The manga was adapted into anime in 1998 by Madhouse, which aired from April to September of that year. Madhouse also produced an anime film, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, which is set twenty years before the events of the 1998 series released in 2010.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is produced by CG Studio Orange and debuted on January 7, 2023, on Crunchyroll. It is currently being dubbed in English and streamed on Crunchyroll. However, the dub version of episode 3 has been delayed until February 11th due to inclement weather delays in the Dallas area, where most of the English dub work is being done. The new series also marks the return of Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash the Stampede, who also voiced him in the 1998 series at the beginning of his career. Here’s Johnny to explain it all,

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Kana Ozawa’s “Blue Thermal” Anime Film Debuts on Blu-ray & Digital


From the renowned animation powerhouse Telecom Animation Film, director Masaki Tachibana and Kana Ozawa, comes a captivating new anime adventure, BLUE THERMAL.

The film is an adaptation of Kana Ozawa’s popular manga series, BLUE THERMAL: Aonagi College Sports Festival Aviation Club, which ran in Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic @Bunch Magazine between April 2015 and November 2017. The series was also published in five book volumes or Tankōbon.

This artful and beautiful coming-of-age movie captures the tension and excitement of a young college student who joins the school’s aviation club flying for the first time, and the beauty and exhilaration of the aerial scenery as seen from the pilot’s seat. The film is directed by Masaki Tachibana, known for Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Princess Principal, and Barakamon.

BLUE THERMAL opened in Japan in March 2022 and will now make its North American home entertainment debut on Blu-ray and digital download from Eleven Arts and Shout! Factory on March 14, 2023, following its theatrical release.

Popular Japanese piano rock band SHE’S performs the film’s theme songs, “Blue Thermal” and “Beautiful Bird”. SHE’S consists of Inoue Ryouma (Vocals), Hirose Shingo (Bass), Hattori Kanta (Guitar) & Kimura Masato (Drums). They have also contributed to the ending theme songs for Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion and Major 2nd anime series.

Meet The Cast

BLUE THERMAL features the Japanese voice talents of Mayu Hotta (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War 2019), Nobunaga Shimazaki (Summer Ghost), Junya Enoki (My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission), and more.

The Blu-ray will contain an exciting movie presentation and special bonus content, including an interview with director Tachibana and character profiles. A must-have for anime fans, collectors, and pop-culture enthusiasts, BLUE THERMAL, is available for pre-order now at and will be available in stores and other fine retailers.

Movie Synopsis

“I want to experience a love that sparkles!” Arriving from Nagasaki with her wishful mantra is Tamaki Tsuru, who in high school could think only about volleyball. Things don’t begin well, however, when she looks for an extracurricular club to join and proceeds to immediately ding a glider at aviation club tryouts ending up having to work it off. She is initially disillusioned with campus life. Then Kuramochi, the club leader and glider pilot, takes Tamaki under his wing, and from the moment he takes her up for a flight in a glider, Tamaki becomes a captive of the vast beauty of the skies.

Watch the trailer below!

Preorder “Blue Thermal

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Exclusive Code Lyoko Interview With Sebastian Davin – The Subdigitals


Code Lyoko is a fantastic, french produced series that mixes CGI and 2D animation. Often described as French anime, the series remains popular in the U.S., with an active a cult following. Although the series came to an end in 2012, fans are still sharing and creating fan-made content. However,as the series came to a end, fans are searched for information on the show itself. Who created it, how was it made, and who worked on it? And who is sebastian Davin? No matter what department a staff member worked on, fans want to know.

Code Lyoko Season 1 – 3 Character Designs and outfits

Some have even contacted producers, animators, music composers, and voice actors, myself included, who worked on the show. During the pandemic, I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing French-based actress Barbara Scaff, the voice of Ulrich Stern.

Code Lyoko Season 4

Code Lyoko Season 4 Character Designs and new character, William Dunbar (Bottom)

During the show’s 4th season, MoonScoop, the producers began to promote the show with an English version of the show’s music album. The original album had been released in France a year earlier. Although the album was not a U.S. sensation, it was an instant hit among CL fans once it was released. Using the album’s first track Planet Net, MoonScoop released an AMV that featured the show’s fictional band, The Subdigitals.

For a long time, fans wondered who the voice behind the music in the album was. Who made fans play the album non-stop? Lyoko warriors and dear readers, let me introduce you to musician Sebastian Davin.

Sebastian Davin Joins The Subdigitals

Sebastian Davin comparison image with his cartoon counterpart, Nico

Sebastian Davin is a Minnesota-based musician, guitarist, pianist, and the current vocalist in his band, The White Keys. He was one of the three founders of the modern rock/alternative metal band Dropping Daylight. As Dropping Daylight, Sebastian and his bandmates performed with The Pixies, Paramore, Papa Roach, Cypress Hill, Green Day, The Misfits, & Breaking Benjamin. So, how did Sebastian get involved in the making of the Code Lyoko album? I’ll let Sebastian explain, watch our exclusive interview below. 

I want to thank Sebastian Davin for the interview opportunity and all Code Lyoko fans who are very excited about this interview. If you’re reading this and are barely getting into the Code Lyoko fandom, head over to CODE LYOKO’s official YouTube channel to watch ALL the Code Lyoko episodes, including its live action sequel Code Lyoko Evolution, all for free.

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One Piece Film: RED Premieres at AiFF 2022


One Piece Film Red served as the centerpiece film at this year’s Animation is Film Festival and for the first time fans had the opportunity to experience film in English dubbed, two weeks ahead of its official U.S. theater release.

The film is directed by Goro Taniguchi, who previously directed the 1998 OVA, One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak! OVA and was the very first time the One Piece manga had been animated, making Taniguchi the first person to animate Luffy. According to the Japanese website, Mantan-Web, Taniguchi stated that he wanted to express a One Piece that has never been seen before and that he will show it in One Piece Film: Red. According to Shinji Shimizu, a staff of Toei Animation and producer of One Piece anime, One Piece Film: Red is the only One Piece film that Eiichiro Oda has actively participated in the most.

The film has been released in Tokyo, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Taiwan, and most recently at New York Comic Con 2022 with a massive New York Times Square billboard takeover.

NYC Times Square Sample – Press Release

Now for the first time ever, fans got to experience the film in English dubbed during this year’s Animation is Film Festival 2022, and we had the opportunity to catch with some of the cast and speak on this new anime film phenomenon:

As of 23 October 2022, the film has grossed ¥17.36 billion in Japan making it the highest-grossing film of the franchise and the highest-grossing film of 2022 in Japan. Worldwide the film has earned over US$144.7 million in eight countries making it the 13th highest-grossing Japanese film of all-time.

The film’s theme song “New Genesis” by Ado is currently number 48 in the Top 100 Global charts on Apple Music. The film is set to be released on the 4th of November 2022, if you haven’t purchased your tickets, now’s the time, you can purchase here.

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Article cover photo by, John photography.

Void_Chords – ‘Beyond Selves’, Opening theme of RWBY Ice Queendom


Void_Chords, AKA Ryo Takahashi, who has previously worked on Sing a Bit of HarmonyArifureta: From Commonplace to World’s StrongestPrincess Principal, and ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., has released “Beyond Selves,” the theme song for RWBY Ice Queendom, which began airing on July 3rd.

Void_Chords, AKA Ryo Takahashi

RWBY Ice Queendom was produced d by anime studio Shaft with animation concept by Gen Urobuch. The anime is based on RWBY, which is inspired by anime. 

Promo Image

RWBY Ice Queendom is not a remake of the original series; it takes and expands on the original series, with its opening episodes being a remake of the first two seasons before taking on an entirely new storyline, set between the second and third season of the original series. Senior Brand Director Christine Brent describes Ice Queendom as continuity-adjacent.

RWBY Ice Queendom Manga Vol.1

The series has spawned a manga adaptation, illustrated by Kumiko Suekane, which is currently in serialization in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine.

Beyond Selves,” was produced by Void_Chords and features L as a guest artist. You can listen to “Beyond Selves,” at the following music streaming sites listed here. Or view the music video below:

The series ending theme is “Awake” sung by Saori Hayami. You can view the “Awake” music video here:

You can watch the newly released, RWBY Ice Queendom on CrunchyRoll with a premimum acccount.

Watched it already? We wanna hear from you! What did you think of the series? Comment Below!

BELLE – Exclusive Special Release Interview with Kylie McNeil


This week saw the release of the much anticipated BELLE, Mamoru Hosoda’s 7th feature film. The film instantly made headlines at Cannes with a 14-minute standing ovation. The film later made headlines among anime fans during its theatrical release back in January of this year. Both the original Japanese and the newly dubbed English version were shown in theaters nation-wide. In the film’s U.S. opening weekend it made $1.6 million from 1,326 theaters, and a total of $1.8 million over the four-day Martin Luther King Day holiday frame.

The film received five Annie Award nominations making it the most nominations for a Japanese anime film ever at the show, even surpassing previous films Spirited Away, Millennium Actress, and the more recent, Weathering with You. Most notable, the film’s cast, both in English and Japanese, were both praise for their vocal performance. This is both Kaho Nakamura and Kylie McNeil’s first anime, voice over performance.

Kylie McNeil, already an upcoming actor and singer in the theater scene in New York, had zero film credits, aside from an off-Broadway show “Runaways“, BELLE is Kylie’s very first film credit.

After its theatrical run, fans anticipated its home video release, which finally happened on May 17th. Coinciding with the Blu-ray and the Target exclusive: Steelbook release, Milan Records opened preorders for the vinyl copy of BELLE’s soundtrack, and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon.

Join us in celebration of Mamoru Hosoda’s BELLE release with this special interview with the voice of Suzu / BELLE, Kylie McNeil! Back for a more in-depth and formal interview, Kylie walks through her experiences working behind the mic, voicing Suzu / BELLE.

Watch our interview above and learn how you could win our exclusive BELLE Bundle, which includes:

The BELLE movie (Steelbook ed.), A copy of the BELLE soundtrack (from Japan) & an autograph print from Paul Castro Jr. (the voice of BEAST)

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