Osaka-based Hip Hop artist Kvi Baba, released an animated music video for his single “TOMBI”. The single was released on January 6, and is serving as the opening theme to TRIGUN STAMPADE anime series. The MV features heavily edited scenes from the series with English captions translated by Minako Ikeshiro.

The music video is directed by Takeru Shibuya of ODDJOB Inc. in collaboration with record label, Toy’s Factory and animation studio Orange Co., Ltd. Director Takeru Shibuya, who is a rapper himself, shared the following ‘graphic frames’ on Twitter,

Kvi Baba began his career in 2019 by releasing his self-titled album Kvi Baba. From late 2019 through 2021, he released five extended plays, Natural Born Pain (2019), Happy Birthday to Me (2020), and Toge Ni Bara (2021), to name a few. On January 6, 2023, he released his latest single, “TOMBI,” which has over 1,007,708 streams on Spotify as of the publication of this article. Following the success of his single, Kvi thanked his fans and supporters on Twitter.

Kvi Baba’s TOMBI is available to purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is based on the original Trigun manga by Yasuhiro Nightow. The manga was adapted into anime in 1998 by Madhouse, which aired from April to September of that year. Madhouse also produced an anime film, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, which is set twenty years before the events of the 1998 series released in 2010.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is produced by CG Studio Orange and debuted on January 7, 2023, on Crunchyroll. It is currently being dubbed in English and streamed on Crunchyroll. However, the dub version of episode 3 has been delayed until February 11th due to inclement weather delays in the Dallas area, where most of the English dub work is being done. The new series also marks the return of Johnny Yong Bosch as Vash the Stampede, who also voiced him in the 1998 series at the beginning of his career. Here’s Johnny to explain it all,

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