Pokemon x Tom Wood | Pikachu Charms


A special collaboration between the Norwegian jewellery brand Tom Wood and Pokémon, launching on the 28th of September 2023

Tom Wood, a renowned jewellery brand, has collaborated with the entertainment franchise Pokémon to introduce an exquisite collection of jewellery, showcasing the iconic character Pikachu.

The special Pokémon Collection will include three Pikachu charms in different expressions – Shy, Happy, and Hello – that can be cherished by Trainers at any time and all the time.

According to Tom Wood, the Pikachu charms are a custom casted piece emphasizing the intricate details that goes into jewelry making of this scale. Made with gold plated recycled 925 sterling silver in a polished finish, plated with recycled 18K gold and handset with white zirconia stones on outer jump ring.

Charm attached to a Tom Wood Lou Bracelet Gold (Sold separately)

“The process of connecting Pokémon and Tom Wood has been both exciting and rewarding, which is exactly why I took on this project. The end result is a timeless tribute to both brands, merging playfulness with excellent craftsmanship into a miniature object. I hope the Pikachu Happy, Pikachu Hello, and Pikachu Shy will become collector’s items and bring joy and happiness to the owner,”

Mona Jensen, founder of Tom Wood
Mona Jensen, founder of Tom Wood

According to Tom Wood, the jewellery charms are designed to be worn with layering in mind, or as a singular unit, with each piece easily complementing any outfit.

Tom Wood´s focus on responsible production utilising 100 % recycled silver or gold from RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified manufacturers securing high standard working conditions.

The collection consists of three charm designs, consisting in total of six different jewellery pieces.

The collection will also include exclusive packaging, made with GRS certified Social Plastic® from Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities and reprocesses the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain. The complimentary gift box is FSC-certified recycled paper and cardboard.

This special and fancy Pokémon jewellery collection will be available starting tomorrow, 28th of September 2023 online at www.tomwoodproject.com, as well as selected retailers including Dover Street Market London, Storm Copenhagen and KITH.

How much will this set me back?

The full prices for each and every piece are not available until tomorrow, however we can tell you now the MSRP starts at $209 USD. …Gotta buy’em all?

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YOSHIKI — Immortalized In Cement At TCL Chinese Theatre


Very few can say they had their hand prints cemented on the famous TCL Chinese Theatre floor. From the early silent film star Norma Talmadge, added in 1927 to the most recent ceremonies of director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau. Now, international musician superstar YOSHIKI has been forever Immortalized at TCL Chinese Theatre, becoming the first Japanese person to do so.

Yoshiki gives a speech during the handprint ceremony.


Yoshiki is a pianist and drummer best known for forming the globally famous band X Japan, which he started with the band’s lead vocalist, Toshi in 1982. You do not have to be a fan of X Japan to see the band’s influence on Japan’s rock subculture. X Japan is often credited as the pioneer of the visual kei movement. Visual Kei, often compared to Western glam, is a movement that originated in Japan during the late 1980s, influenced by glam rock and other 1980s rock music styles. Visual Kei can be a style, music genre, or music scene.

X Japan often included a mixture of speed metal and symphonic or ballard elements within their music making them stand out from any other rock band in Japan at the time. In 1989, the band achieved their breakthrough success with their second and major debut album, Blue Blood and as a result, X Japan became an instant hit.

Five studio albums later and over 27 sold-out concerts and 16 sold-out tours, on September 22, 1997, X Japan announced that they would disband.

Yoshiki Goes Solo

As a solo musician, Yoshiki released his first solo album, the classical studio album Eternal Melody, which was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and produced by the Beatles producer George Martin. Around this time, Yoshiki began learning about jazz improvisation and orchestration. In 1994, Yoshiki worked with Queen drummer Roger Taylor on a song he composed, “Foreign Sand,” for which Roger wrote the lyrics; the song was performed at The Great Music Experience in May of that same year.

That same year, Yoshiki also contributed an orchestral arrangement of “Black Diamond” played by the American Symphony Orchestra. The song was featured in KISS’s tribute album “Kiss My Ass“.

In later years, Yoshiki would go on to perform and collaborate on numerous musical projects with artists such as George Martin, Bono, will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson, St. Vincent, Stan Lee, Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, Gene Simmons and KISS, Nicole Scherzinger, and recently Sarah Brightman.

New Band Formations

MIYAVI, Yoshiki & Sugizo at JRock Revolution in 2007 At The Wiltern Theatre

In July 2006, Yoshiki announced the formation of a brand new band, S.K.I.N.S. which would include JRock (Japanese Rock) stars, Yoshiki (drums, piano), Gackt (vocals, piano), Sugizo (guitar, violin) & Miyavi (guitar, shamisen). This new band was unique from the start, as it was the first Visual kei band based in the U.S., specifically Los Angeles. Uniquely, S.K.I.N.S has only performed once during their debut performance on June 29, 2007, at the Anime Expo 2007 in Long Beach, California. S.K.I.N.S has since been inactive, and no new announcements have been made.

Yoshiki would later be involved in projects that included composing the 69th Golden Globe Awards theme and composing anime and film soundtracks to Attack on Titan and Saw IV.

Anime ‘KamiErabi God.app’ Unveils New Information for its October Premiere


New anime series by Anime industry legends is set to premiere this October in Japan!

KamiErabi God.app is an original new anime created in collaboration with Yoko Taro, Atsushi Ohkubo, JIN, and Hiroyuki Seshita. The anime is set to premiere in Japan on October 4.

Slow Curve, an anime production company, has recently revealed the newest visual, PV, cast, and opening and ending song artists for the upcoming anime. The new visual, which showcases the character was drawn by Atsushi Ohkubo, the characters. Ohkubo will serve as the series’ character designer.

The PV offers a glimpse of the “fetish x battle royale game” concept teased earlier, along with a preview of the opening theme song. The anime will premiere on October 4 on Fuji TV’s +Ultra block, with worldwide streaming on Crunchyroll (excluding Asia).

KamiErabi GOD.app is a large-scale project with an original story by Yoko Taro, the globally-renowned director of the hit game “NieR: Automata”, scripts by JIN of “Kagerou Project”, character designs by Atsushi Ohkubo, creator of the hit manga series “Fire Force” and “Soul Eater”, and directed by Hiroyuki Seshita of “Knights of Sidonia” and “BLAME!” fame.

Anime Synopsis

A message received on a smartphone, triggers a series of events for High school students who must now fight each other in a battle royale for the chance to become a god.

Goro, a first-year high school student at a private high school in Tokyo, has no hopes, no dreams, and no ambitions. The world is indifferent to him, and he has a faint longing for Honoka, a classmate from the same school. He and his best friend Akitsu live a boring, unchanging life. One day, Goro receives a strange notification on his smartphone: “You have been chosen. Breathe into me your wish.” Thinking it malicious spam, Goro types, “I want to have sex with Honoka, the woman of my dreams.” The next day, Honoka invites him to drop his pants at an unpopular arcade… “Congratulations on your great accomplishment!” Then, a mysterious girl, Lall, suddenly appears. Confused by this series of events, Goro is told of a cruel fate.

Goro has been chosen by the “Great Will” to become a god to make his wish come true. With other potential gods, they are to kill one another until there is only one left. The ability given is the “Scripture of Fools”. At the cost of the “Misfortune” that befalls you, the power to twist the cause and effect of the world and manipulate the reason of this world at will. The first god candidate who appeared to kill Goro was, of course, Honoka, whom he had longed for. What choice will Goro make against Honoka, who attacks him mercilessly? Thus, the fetish battle royal by the god candidates, each with their own secrets, begins!

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POKEMON X Kogei – Japan House Los Angeles


Throughout its history, the beloved Pokemon media franchise has been involved in numerous collaborations, spanning an array of industries and captivating fans across the globe. From vibrant Pokemon-themed cafes and exclusive high-end apparel collections to food collaborations, the reach of Pokemon knows no bounds. Beyond merchandise, the franchise has even ventured into the realm of video game consoles, creating special edition Pokemon-themed devices that truly immerse fans in the world they love.

With each new collaboration, the Pokemon franchise continues to amaze and inspire, inviting fans of all ages to dive deeper into its rich lore and captivating new Pokemon. Continuing to expand their artistic horizons, The Pokemon Company has joined forces with renowned artists from Japan with diverse backgrounds in the art of Kogei (Crafts), to answer the following question, ‘‘What would happen when Pokémon meets kogei (Japanese craft)?’

Work by artist KASUMI UEBA | Pottery, Hand Building overgalse enamels

Kogei, pronounced as ko-gay, is a term used in Japan to refer to the exquisite art of artisan crafts, it represents the dedication and mastery of traditional craft traditions in specific regions. Over the course of many centuries, Kogei has played a crucial role in enhancing japan’s daily lives, combining both utilitarian and aesthetic values. As time has passed, Kogei has, like Pokemon, evolved into a distinct art form using traditional methods, showcasing Japan’s exceptional diversity and artistic prowess. The profound reverence for materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication are evident in numerous creations.

Under the careful curation of the National Crafts Museum in Kanazawa, Japan, and with full support of The Pokémon Company, artists crafted 70 artwork pieces using an array of materials and age-old techniques by twenty of Japan’s most skilled artisans.


POKEMON X Kogei debuted at National Crafts Museum earlier this year, and now its available in Los Angeles for all to see! The exhibition combines the elemental relationship between Pokemon and the materials used in Kogei. Similar to the various types of Pokémon such as Grass, Fire, Water, Ground (Earth), Steel (or Metal), and Electric, Koegi also incorporates these same elements with electricity added as craft has evolved in the modern times.


In homage to the mechanics of Pokemon, the exhibition is also divided into three sections; Appearance, Life and Stories, that showcase the artists’ “battle” between their craft and the Pokemon.

In the Appearance category, the artists took on the captivating task of portraying the various forms intricate details of skin or fur, lively gestures, and vivid expressions of the Pokémon.


In the Life category, artists use Pokémon into crafts used in contemporary life. These pieces often have a type of use in life.


Lastly, the Stories category, artists are tasked with weaving imaginative tales that delve into the wondrous world of Pokémon, venturing into their awe-inspiring journeys, vibrant lives, mesmerizing evolutions, and unique inherent qualities of the Pokemon games themselves.

We have hand-picked a few pieces from the exhibit’s opening night to share with you. Take a look at the photo gallery below and get a glimpse for what’s in store for you at Pokemon X Kogei exhibit. Click on the arrows to browse through the images.

1 / 15

The Pokemon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara and National Crafts Museum director, Masahiro Karasawa were in attendance during the exhibition’s opening night. During a panel, those who attended, received insight knowledge on the production behind the exhibit and insight the some of the art pieces and what they represented. Towards the end of the panel, I had one lingering question, “After the art tour is over, what will happen to the wonderful art pieces?” this was their response. (Please note, Audio has some echo)

Speaker 1: Krystal (Myself) | Speaker 2: Tsunekazu Ishihar (The Pokemon Co.CEO) | Speaker 3: Masahiro Karasawa (Dir. of The National Crafts Museum)

Don’t miss this exciting, once in a life-time, exhibit and experience Pokemon like never before and best of all, its FREE! That’s right, make your reservations now HERE. After the exhibit, we highly recommend you purchase the Pokemon X Kogei guide book that gives readers an in-depth insight on the development of the exhibition and insight on each and every Kogei art piece. The book is in both English and Japanese and ONLY available in Japan but exclusively available for purchase at Japan House Los Angeles for this special exhibit! The exhibit is available now til January 7th, 2024 only at JAPAN HOUSE Gallery and is located at Level 2 of the Ovation Hollywood. 

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Miraculous Ladybug The Movie | REVIEW


When “Miraculous Ladybug” first debuted in 2015, it instantly captured the attention of anime enthusiasts and garnered a significant cult following. This captivating animated series was brought to life through the collaboration of ZAGtoon and Method Animation, with the renowned Japanese animation company, Toei Animation, serving as a co-producer. Thomas Astruc, a talented cartoonist, developed the character of Ladybug and played an integral role in shaping the TV series alongside Jeremy Zag, the CEO, director, and producer of ZAGtoon.

Miraculous Ladybug” revolves around the lives of two teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. When duty calls, they transform into the fearless superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir. Together, they valiantly protect the city from the clutches of supervillains. While the series was initially intended to be in a 2D anime style, it ultimately evolved into a CGI production, a decision made by the French producers. However, fans can still find the original anime-style promotional OVA video on YouTube, animated by Toei Animation.Over time, “Miraculous Ladybug” has cultivated a devoted fandom, including passionate cosplayers and artists who proudly call themselves “Miraculers.” The series has expanded into a successful media franchise, encompassing comics, a web series, novels, video games, a manga series, and most recently, the highly anticipated motion picture, “Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie“. With its growing popularity and array of merchandise, “Miraculous Ladybug” has firmly established itself as an enchanting world that continues to captivate audiences of all ages.

The Highly Anticipated Motion Picture Film

Embark on a captivating cinematic experience as you delve into this highly anticipated animated film of the year! The film follows the thrilling journey of two teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who must uncover the truth about themselves and harness their extraordinary powers to safeguard the illustrious city of Paris. The film is a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated Miraculous Ladybug fandom while appealing to newcomers.

The film briefly introduces the Miraculous and showcases the various Miraculous, leaving room for potential future film projects. As an origin story, the film explores the beginnings of our main protagonists, Marinette and Adrien, and their journey to becoming superheroes and reveals how they obtained their Miraculous. The film touches on universal teenage themes of courage and selflessness, capturing the challenges of adolescence, such as fitting in and facing one’s fear.

It becomes apparent that the film’s narrative adheres to a relatively straightforward and predictable trajectory, albeit keeping in mind its intended target audience encompassing the younger demographic. However, the animation compensates for its anticipated plot developments. Distinct from its television counterpart, where character portrayal tends to lean towards stylized plasticity, the film’s creative team dedicatedly strived for meticulous detailing and hyper-realistic verisimilitude in rendering both Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Their meticulously crafted appearances feature nuanced facial expressions, lustrous hair, and mesmeric eyes. Noteworthy locations such as The Cheng’s boulangerie (French for “bakery”) and Adrien’s mansion beautifully showcase opulent French architectural design and, in certain instances, timeworn interiors, lending an air of “lived-in” authenticity.

In addition, characters’ facial expressions play a crucial role in conveying their emotions and setting the overall mood of the scenes; this is further supported by the production team, animating characters with detailed and realistic skin textures, making them come to life and feel more like lifelike on the screen.

The animators strived for realism, at least more than the TV series. An interesting and subtle highlight is that the animators animated the characters’ hair in various directions, ensuring the hair is not perfectly styled. By adding intersecting strands and different hair directions, the animators created a more natural and authentic look for the characters, once again bringing them to life on the screen.

While there is no official confirmation, avid followers of the series may find several sequences within the film that bear a striking resemblance to scenes from an unaired 2D anime-style ‘OVA Promotional Video’ dating back to 2015. The uncanny similarities between the two raise the possibility that the film’s storyline was initially intended to serve as the introductory episode for the projected 2D anime series. Of course, the speculation surrounding this potential connection is pure conjecture, as the 2D anime iteration never came to fruition, and ZAG has never mentioned the 2D project since.

The Music

One prominent aspect of the film that deserves special mention is its captivating musical score. It becomes evident from the very beginning that the melodic voices of the main characters differ from their spoken voices, adding an intriguing layer to the overall experience. Marinette is brought to life through the talented voice acting of Cristina Vee, while the prolific Bryce Papenbrook voices the charming Adrien. The singing voice of Marinette is portrayed by the French singer Lou Jean while Drew Ryan Scott performs Adrien’s singing voice with music composed by CEO and film director Jeremy Zag himself with assistance from Australian filmmaker Michael Gracey.

Noam Kaniel, the talented cartoon music composer, was surprisingly not involved in the film’s musical score. Despite his previous success composing the theme song for the TV series, his unique musical style was unfortunately absent from the film’s soundtrack.

The Plot

The film’s storyline might be predictable for more experienced viewers, but it remains highly enjoyable and entertaining. While the film does contain a few gaps in the plot, it serves as a compelling introduction to the TV series. Towards the end, there are some noticeable inconsistencies when compared to the TV show’s plotline. Nevertheless, with a bit of imagination, it gives room for speculation and wonder about what might have occurred after the film’s iconic and intense climax.It is not surprising that there is a romantic element between Ladybug and Cat Noir, although the TV series does not delve deeply into it in the first two seasons. However, the film takes the opportunity to explore their relationship in greater detail. Every emotional response from the characters is given careful attention, ensuring that romantic and conflicting feelings resonate with the audience.


The movie premiered in Paris, France, on June 11th of this year with a limited release in theaters worldwide. As reported by the French magazine Paris Match, the film was produced with a budget of €80 million (or about $86 million), making it the second most expensive French film in history, second only to the 2017 movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Need a new phone wallpaper?

If you are captivated by this review, prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Miraculous Ladybug, as both the captivating TV series and thrilling film are now streaming on Netflix! Be ready to join forces with the courageous heroes of Paris as Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste transform into the extraordinary Ladybug and Cat Noir. Together, they stand as beacons of hope, defending the beautiful city Paris from the clutches of menacing supervillains orchestrated by the nefarious Hawk Moth. All this while struggling with their teenage life! Get ready for an exhilarating adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Our History with ZAG Studios and Miraculous Ladybug

I would like to express my gratitude to ZAG Animation and its Glendale-based Studio. Even before the release of season two of the TV series, The Kitsune Network has collaborated with Zag Studios to bring our subscribers and followers exclusive interviews and an insider’s perspective on Miraculous Ladybug since 2015. We began by conducting an interview with Jared Wolfson, formerly the Head of the TV Division at ZAG. This was followed by a delightful interview with voice actress Cristina Vee at ZAG studios! Ever since then, The Kitsune Network has been actively covering various, major, Miraculous Ladybug events. Most recently, we attended the exciting grand opening of the Miraculous Ladybug store in Santa Monica, CA. Congratulations to the entire team over at ZAG Studios for this incredible milestone! Let’s take a look at some of the memorable moments from those interviews and other Miraculous Ladybug coverage articles here.

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Interview with Prominent Artist MIREI – Lonely In Tokyo


MIREI, also known as Touyama Mirei in Japan, is a prominent artist in the Japanese music industry. Since 2014, she has been releasing chart-topping hits under Sony Music label. MIREI’s unique approach to music is characterized by her English-language releases, which offer a fresh and unapologetic perspective on Japan and its people. Having spent time living in New York City, she draws inspiration from both American and Japanese music cultures, resulting in a captivating and distinct artistic vision.


MIREI performed at NOVO in LA Live on July 2nd as part of the Anime Expo 2023 Summer Fest. For first time, MIREI’s set consisted of both English and Japanese language songs mixed in. This appearance marked her first performance in the US after COVID, and her second LA appearance since BET Awards in 2014. 

MIREI made her English-language debut with the 2020 album “Take Me Away,” which received an overwhelming response from fans and media worldwide, including Teen Vogue. The album include the hit single, Lonely In Tokyo.

Latest Single – LONELY IN TOKYO

“Lonely In Tokyo” is a song that explores the dark side of the Japanese idol industry. It tells a story of loneliness and isolation, resonating with listeners all over the world. MIREI recorded and released the song in English in 2020, and it has gained a strong fanbase. The song reflects on the loneliness felt by many people, especially in the changing world. MIREI hopes that her music can inspire and give courage to those who feel alone.

Fans in Japan can finally rejoice as the much-awaited track, “Lonely In Tokyo,” from her globally acclaimed album, Take Me Away, is now available in Japanese. After a long three-year wait, the EP has been released, featuring a Japanese edition of the song and an exciting Phonk House Remix with BENXNI from STARKIDS, a renowned underground group known for their innovative music.


We had the opportunity to catch up with MIREI, a day after her successful performance at The NOVO, and speak on her recent successes and her latest single, “Lonely in Tokyo“, Listen to our interview,

BGM “Flex Complex” Produced by Aleph One used under license from Epidemic Sound

You can listen to “Lonely in Tokyo” and more from MIREI on Spotify and on other platforms here. Learn more about MIREI and her work by visiting her website at https://mireinyc.com/

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VIZ Media’s BLEACH take over at Matte Black Coffee in L.A. – Now Open!

New POKEMON App Records You While You Sleep! | Pokemon Sleep


The New Pokémon app, Pokémon Sleep, records and analyzes your sleep patterns and behavior. Released on July 19th, the app has gained popularity among Pokémon fans. Its cute characters and gameplay make it a great addition to those who play Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Sle…zzzz

Professor Neroli

The premise of the game is to help Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep analyst, collect sleeping data from various Pokémon to unlock the mystery behind Snorlax’s ‘mysterious power to put Pokémon around them [Snorlax] to sleep!”

Pokémon Sleep is supposed to help improve your sleeping habits outside the gameplay. The app records and measures your sleep; The longer you sleep, the higher your score in-game. You can use these scores to rank up your research and help Professor Neroli with his work. Together you can unlock Snorlax’s mysterious power. The app uses real-time data to determine your sleep habits and hours slept. Real-time dates are used to determine much time you’ve spent researching different Snorlaxs in various locations throughout the game.

Pokémon Sleep encourages its player to sleep earlier, wake up in the morning, and have something to look forward to! Your sleep is classified into three sleep styles; dozing, snoozing, or slumbering. Different Pokémon will generate next to Snorlax in the morning, with a similar sleeping style you were classified for the night. You can use the surrounding Pokémon to analyze those their sleeping habits and continue researching Snorlax’s power. All sleeping data is recorded in your “sleep style dex.”

The app also allows players to set sleep reminders and alarms in addition to a soothing, soft melody to help player sleep.


Improving your sleep habits with Pokémon Sleep is easier and cuter when used with a Pokémon Go Plus device. The Pokémon GO Plus device will use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with Pokémon Sleep. Hold the device’s central button when it’s time for bed, place it by your pillow, and then sleep. Not only will Pokémon GO Plus + help measure your sleep data, but Pikachu’s familiar voice can give you cute prompts when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep.

If you’re reading this at the time of publication, you’ll benefit from Pokémon Sleep, or if you’re reading this during the day, perhaps a nap? Nether way, you’ll have fun helping Professor Neroli analyze all the cute, sleeping Pokémon! Try Pokémon Sleep, now available on Android and iOS.

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VIZ Media’s BLEACH take over at Matte Black Coffee in L.A. – Now Open!

Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms | INTERVIEW | AX 2023 Coverage

VIZ Media’s BLEACH take over at Matte Black Coffee in L.A. – Now Open!


BLEACH took over at Matte Black Coffee, an art-inspired cafe located on the famous Sunset strip in Hollywood.

In celebration of the hit anime series BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Matte Black Coffee and VIZ Media have partnered for the first time to deliver the collaboration of all BLEACH anime fans dreams – everyone’s favorite Soul Reaper, Ichigo, meets a culinary art experience. The lineup includes a custom co-branded menu inspired by BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War as well as limited-edition merchandise.

Now through August 10th, fans can enjoy BLEACH inspired items, which include, “Ichigo’s OJ Espresso”, “Ichigo’s Strawberry Lemonade”, and “TYBW Toast – ABCookies style”

If you’re in Los Angeles this week, remember to stop by Matte Black Coffee located at 8500 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069, for tasty treat!

Be sure to watch BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War available now on Hulu and Disney+.

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Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms | INTERVIEW | AX 2023 Coverage

Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms | INTERVIEW | AX 2023 Coverage


Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms held its world premiere at this year’s Anime Expo. Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms is a new science-fiction action-adventure anime and manga that explores the world of sentient mechanical beings called Mecha-Ude and the people who wield them! Originally created by independent animator & director Okamoto and produced by Fukuoka-based TriF Studio in 2016. 

Animator and director, Okamoto created the series in 2016 with a Kickstarter, which raised over $67,000, more than twice its $25,000 goal. A pilot episode, produced by TriF Studio through the Kickstarter, became an instant hit and in 2018, got an English dub.

In 2022 the series was picked up for a full anime adaptation, produced by TriF Studio and Pony Canyon. At this year’s Anime Expo, episode 1 premiered with new exclusive footage, not previously seen in the pilot. The Mecha-Ude anime series is slated for 2024, exact release date is currently TBA. To learn more on the series and its Japanese cast and crew visit the official Mecha Ude website.

Anime Synopsis

One day, Amatsuga Hikaru, a junior high school student living in Kitakagami City, meets the mysterious “Ude”-shaped mechanical life form Alma. Alma attempts to bind to Hikaru’s body in order to obtain energy from him, but fails. To his surprise, it binds to the hoodie that Hikaru was wearing. Meanwhile, the “Kagami Group,” a large corporation that plans to enslave the Mecha-Udes and turn them into weapons, is in pursuit of Alma. ARMS, an organization working to save and free the Mecha-Udes, also searches for Alma. Hikaru, unable to abandon the weakened Alma, puts on the hoodie that Alma has bonded with and gets caught up in the great events unfolding among the Mecha-Ude users…


At Anime Expo I had the opportunity to interview Mecha-Ude animator and director, Okamoto about her journey and experience creating the world of Mecha-Ude,

Animator and Director, Okamoto

Krystal: Can speak about the origins of MECHA-UDE?
I’m a huge fan of Shounen manga and one day I just decided I wanted to draw a robot, but drawing a full-size body robot was too hard. So I decided I would try just to draw an arm.
K: Enhance the subtitle “Mecha arms
Correct. Yes. 
K: So you’re not only the creator of the stories, but also the director for the Anime series, are some elements within the anime, that you emphasizes for the audience members?
The story is very much about the characters. I hope that people will see, like, pay attention to how they develop and how they move.
K: It has been roughly serve years, between the kickstarter in 2016 and now, what are some things that changed in the series?
O: When the pilot episode was made, a fuller story was already created, like a bigger story that we were hoping to work on later. So basically not much has changed. I’m brushing up on stuff in the past few years, but that’s about it.

Okamoto, Shuichi Aso (TriF CEO) & Tetsuya Kinoshita (Producer)

K: How would you describe the anime series to encourage people to read the Manga, or watch the anime series?
All of the mecha-udes are also their own characters, and they’re very unique, so they’re very appealing as well. They’re part of the series and just as important as the human characters, that’s one of the selling points.
K: What can you tell me about the main character?
Hikaru was a pretty dull, mundane character with nothing special going on until he meets “Alma”, the Mecha Ude, he meets, and then they’ll have adventures and he’ll also be able to grow as a character. The story’s going to be about their partnership and how they grow together as characters in the series.


Additionally, eManga publishing company Azuki, celebrated the launch of the latest exclusive manga series, Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms by Yoshino Koyoka and TriF based on Okamoto’s creation. The manga adaptation is now available only on Azuki with new chapters every Wednesday!

Manga Synopsis

A brand-new manga series based on the anime by Okamoto and TriF! Kita-Kagami City is a pretty normal town… except that some people have gotten their hands on Mecha-Ude: powerful, sentient mechanical beings attached to the limbs of their hosts. When middle school kid Hikaru accidentally activates Alma, a mysterious Mecha-Ude with no memory of his past, he forms an unlikely connection with the talking arm. But where did Alma come from? And why are shadowy secret organizations and corporate assassins with deadly Mecha-Ude of their own suddenly chasing Hikaru down, hell-bent on stealing Alma? Hikaru and Alma must learn to work together to uncover the truth behind Alma’s identity and prevent him from ending up in the wrong hands (or on the wrong arm)!

You can start reading the manga which is now available over at Azuki, available on the web at www.azuki.co and in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The app features over 200 series, including international hits like Attack on Titan and acclaimed new series like Mecha-Ude: Mechanical ArmsNatsume & Natsume, and My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files.

Start reading for free with advertisements today, or upgrade to Premium and access the full catalog for just $4.99 a month. A 14-day free trial and discounted annual plan are also available. Most titles are available worldwide (except Japan). Stay up to date on the latest announcements by following Azuki at twitter.com/ReadAzukifacebook.com/ReadAzuki, and instagram.com/readazuki.

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Mission: Impossible X SPY x FAMILY | Special Collaboration Video & Visual art


In what has been officially labeled as the “most powerful spy collaboration decision“, Toho Animation collaborated with Paramount Studios to create a special promotional video for the upcoming installment of Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning: Part One, and Spy X Family CODE: White, the first motion picture film from the hit anime series of the same name.

Theatrical version SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” super teaser visual

Spy X Family CODE: White is set to release in theaters on December 22nd of this year in Japan. While Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning: Part One its premiere in the U.S. on July 12th, In Japan, the film is set to release on July 21st. A special promotional collaboration between both IPs was released on July 10th, which consists of a collaboration video and visual art.

The collaboration video begins with the Forger family watching Mission Impossible on TV. Anya states she’s has never watched the film series before, and Loid then carefully explains who ‘Ethan Hunt’ is while watching the action scenes played by Tom Cruise. The video features highlights from the film alongside brand-new voice acting from Takuya Eguchi (Lloyd), Atsumi Tanezaki (Anya), and Saori Hayami (Yor). The video segment is followed by the teaser trailer of CODE: White.

 You watch the full video here; the video contains no English subtitles

A collaborative visual art piece by illustrator Kana Ishida was also released via the Spy X Family official website.

Original picture/Finishing/Special Effects by Kana Ishida

The image depicts the Forger family illustrated in the same poses as the Mission Impossible poster, with the Forger family, lined up precisely as Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Hayley Atwell (Grace), Rebecca Ferguson (Ilsa Faust) & Esai Morales (Gabriel). Take a look at the comparison below,

Image Highlights: Look at Anya and Bond on the upper Right | Ethan running on the train is replaced by Anya

Spy X Family author Tatsuya Endo recently joined the fun by sharing an original illustration of Anya performing Enthan Hunt’s iconic rope drop from the famous vault scene in Mission: Impossible (1996).

Watch Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, now in theaters, and Spy X Family CODE: White as they take on the ultimate mission to save the world!

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