New series KATANA Beast by Akimine Kamijyo, known for creating “Samurai Deeper Kyo” and “Code: Breaker”, is scheduled to be launched concurrently in Japan and the United States. The English version of KATANA Beast is now accessible on the K MANGA service as a simulpub title. You read the newest addition to the K MANGA service here.


KATANA Beats Synposis

The Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog, and the Pig. These twelve tribes, each boasting their own special powers, battled for hegemony over the nation until the Emperor, tired of these endless wars, instead proposed a “festival”—5v5 proxy battles for which each tribe must send a “beast blade” to fight on their behalf. Princess Ibusuki of the Rabbit tribe, the weakest clan of all, was searching for her own champion to whom she could entrust the fate of her people when she came upon Hijimaru of the legendary Lion tribe. Little did she know that this encounter would mark the beginning of something far greater! Welcome to the fantastical tale of the zodiac struggle!

What is K MANGA?

K MANGA is a digital, manga distributing platform created by KODANSHA. The company distributes simulpub titles in English with notable ones including A Sign of Affection, DEAD ROCK, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Clayman Revenge, Tune In to the Midnight Heart, and Chihiro-kun Only Has Eyes for Me. Before the end of 2023, K MANGA will have added over 100 additional titles to its service since its launch in May. K MANGA plans to continually add even more titles to its service for readers to enjoy.

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Akimine Kamijyo

Akimine Kamijyo is known for her work creating the manga series “Samurai Deeper Kyo” and “Code: Breaker,” both of which have been published in North America. “Samurai Deeper Kyo” was adapted into an anime in 2002, while “Code: Breaker” received an anime adaptation in 2012.

In a message to K MANGA readers, Kamijyo said,

“Inspired by the twelve zodiac signs which have been passed down since ancient times in Japan, this is a story about the main character, Hijimaru, and the twelve tribes. The ‘Festival’ where the beasts will fight each other with their lives by the blade is about to begin! I hope everyone in America enjoys it at the same time as Japan! Thank you!”

– Akimine Kamijyo via press release

Read KATANA Beats on K MANGA, now available!

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