MIREI, also known as Touyama Mirei in Japan, is a prominent artist in the Japanese music industry. Since 2014, she has been releasing chart-topping hits under Sony Music label. MIREI’s unique approach to music is characterized by her English-language releases, which offer a fresh and unapologetic perspective on Japan and its people. Having spent time living in New York City, she draws inspiration from both American and Japanese music cultures, resulting in a captivating and distinct artistic vision.


MIREI performed at NOVO in LA Live on July 2nd as part of the Anime Expo 2023 Summer Fest. For first time, MIREI’s set consisted of both English and Japanese language songs mixed in. This appearance marked her first performance in the US after COVID, and her second LA appearance since BET Awards in 2014. 

MIREI made her English-language debut with the 2020 album “Take Me Away,” which received an overwhelming response from fans and media worldwide, including Teen Vogue. The album include the hit single, Lonely In Tokyo.

Latest Single – LONELY IN TOKYO

“Lonely In Tokyo” is a song that explores the dark side of the Japanese idol industry. It tells a story of loneliness and isolation, resonating with listeners all over the world. MIREI recorded and released the song in English in 2020, and it has gained a strong fanbase. The song reflects on the loneliness felt by many people, especially in the changing world. MIREI hopes that her music can inspire and give courage to those who feel alone.

Fans in Japan can finally rejoice as the much-awaited track, “Lonely In Tokyo,” from her globally acclaimed album, Take Me Away, is now available in Japanese. After a long three-year wait, the EP has been released, featuring a Japanese edition of the song and an exciting Phonk House Remix with BENXNI from STARKIDS, a renowned underground group known for their innovative music.


We had the opportunity to catch up with MIREI, a day after her successful performance at The NOVO, and speak on her recent successes and her latest single, “Lonely in Tokyo“, Listen to our interview,

BGM “Flex Complex” Produced by Aleph One used under license from Epidemic Sound

You can listen to “Lonely in Tokyo” and more from MIREI on Spotify and on other platforms here. Learn more about MIREI and her work by visiting her website at https://mireinyc.com/

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