The New Pokémon app, Pokémon Sleep, records and analyzes your sleep patterns and behavior. Released on July 19th, the app has gained popularity among Pokémon fans. Its cute characters and gameplay make it a great addition to those who play Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Sle…zzzz

Professor Neroli

The premise of the game is to help Professor Neroli, a Pokémon sleep analyst, collect sleeping data from various Pokémon to unlock the mystery behind Snorlax’s ‘mysterious power to put Pokémon around them [Snorlax] to sleep!”

Pokémon Sleep is supposed to help improve your sleeping habits outside the gameplay. The app records and measures your sleep; The longer you sleep, the higher your score in-game. You can use these scores to rank up your research and help Professor Neroli with his work. Together you can unlock Snorlax’s mysterious power. The app uses real-time data to determine your sleep habits and hours slept. Real-time dates are used to determine much time you’ve spent researching different Snorlaxs in various locations throughout the game.

Pokémon Sleep encourages its player to sleep earlier, wake up in the morning, and have something to look forward to! Your sleep is classified into three sleep styles; dozing, snoozing, or slumbering. Different Pokémon will generate next to Snorlax in the morning, with a similar sleeping style you were classified for the night. You can use the surrounding Pokémon to analyze those their sleeping habits and continue researching Snorlax’s power. All sleeping data is recorded in your “sleep style dex.”

The app also allows players to set sleep reminders and alarms in addition to a soothing, soft melody to help player sleep.


Improving your sleep habits with Pokémon Sleep is easier and cuter when used with a Pokémon Go Plus device. The Pokémon GO Plus device will use Bluetooth Low Energy technology to link with Pokémon Sleep. Hold the device’s central button when it’s time for bed, place it by your pillow, and then sleep. Not only will Pokémon GO Plus + help measure your sleep data, but Pikachu’s familiar voice can give you cute prompts when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep.

If you’re reading this at the time of publication, you’ll benefit from Pokémon Sleep, or if you’re reading this during the day, perhaps a nap? Nether way, you’ll have fun helping Professor Neroli analyze all the cute, sleeping Pokémon! Try Pokémon Sleep, now available on Android and iOS.

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