Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms held its world premiere at this year’s Anime Expo. Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms is a new science-fiction action-adventure anime and manga that explores the world of sentient mechanical beings called Mecha-Ude and the people who wield them! Originally created by independent animator & director Okamoto and produced by Fukuoka-based TriF Studio in 2016. 

Animator and director, Okamoto created the series in 2016 with a Kickstarter, which raised over $67,000, more than twice its $25,000 goal. A pilot episode, produced by TriF Studio through the Kickstarter, became an instant hit and in 2018, got an English dub.

In 2022 the series was picked up for a full anime adaptation, produced by TriF Studio and Pony Canyon. At this year’s Anime Expo, episode 1 premiered with new exclusive footage, not previously seen in the pilot. The Mecha-Ude anime series is slated for 2024, exact release date is currently TBA. To learn more on the series and its Japanese cast and crew visit the official Mecha Ude website.

Anime Synopsis

One day, Amatsuga Hikaru, a junior high school student living in Kitakagami City, meets the mysterious “Ude”-shaped mechanical life form Alma. Alma attempts to bind to Hikaru’s body in order to obtain energy from him, but fails. To his surprise, it binds to the hoodie that Hikaru was wearing. Meanwhile, the “Kagami Group,” a large corporation that plans to enslave the Mecha-Udes and turn them into weapons, is in pursuit of Alma. ARMS, an organization working to save and free the Mecha-Udes, also searches for Alma. Hikaru, unable to abandon the weakened Alma, puts on the hoodie that Alma has bonded with and gets caught up in the great events unfolding among the Mecha-Ude users…


At Anime Expo I had the opportunity to interview Mecha-Ude animator and director, Okamoto about her journey and experience creating the world of Mecha-Ude,

Animator and Director, Okamoto

Krystal: Can speak about the origins of MECHA-UDE?
I’m a huge fan of Shounen manga and one day I just decided I wanted to draw a robot, but drawing a full-size body robot was too hard. So I decided I would try just to draw an arm.
K: Enhance the subtitle “Mecha arms
Correct. Yes. 
K: So you’re not only the creator of the stories, but also the director for the Anime series, are some elements within the anime, that you emphasizes for the audience members?
The story is very much about the characters. I hope that people will see, like, pay attention to how they develop and how they move.
K: It has been roughly serve years, between the kickstarter in 2016 and now, what are some things that changed in the series?
O: When the pilot episode was made, a fuller story was already created, like a bigger story that we were hoping to work on later. So basically not much has changed. I’m brushing up on stuff in the past few years, but that’s about it.

Okamoto, Shuichi Aso (TriF CEO) & Tetsuya Kinoshita (Producer)

K: How would you describe the anime series to encourage people to read the Manga, or watch the anime series?
All of the mecha-udes are also their own characters, and they’re very unique, so they’re very appealing as well. They’re part of the series and just as important as the human characters, that’s one of the selling points.
K: What can you tell me about the main character?
Hikaru was a pretty dull, mundane character with nothing special going on until he meets “Alma”, the Mecha Ude, he meets, and then they’ll have adventures and he’ll also be able to grow as a character. The story’s going to be about their partnership and how they grow together as characters in the series.


Additionally, eManga publishing company Azuki, celebrated the launch of the latest exclusive manga series, Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms by Yoshino Koyoka and TriF based on Okamoto’s creation. The manga adaptation is now available only on Azuki with new chapters every Wednesday!

Manga Synopsis

A brand-new manga series based on the anime by Okamoto and TriF! Kita-Kagami City is a pretty normal town… except that some people have gotten their hands on Mecha-Ude: powerful, sentient mechanical beings attached to the limbs of their hosts. When middle school kid Hikaru accidentally activates Alma, a mysterious Mecha-Ude with no memory of his past, he forms an unlikely connection with the talking arm. But where did Alma come from? And why are shadowy secret organizations and corporate assassins with deadly Mecha-Ude of their own suddenly chasing Hikaru down, hell-bent on stealing Alma? Hikaru and Alma must learn to work together to uncover the truth behind Alma’s identity and prevent him from ending up in the wrong hands (or on the wrong arm)!

You can start reading the manga which is now available over at Azuki, available on the web at and in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The app features over 200 series, including international hits like Attack on Titan and acclaimed new series like Mecha-Ude: Mechanical ArmsNatsume & Natsume, and My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files.

Start reading for free with advertisements today, or upgrade to Premium and access the full catalog for just $4.99 a month. A 14-day free trial and discounted annual plan are also available. Most titles are available worldwide (except Japan). Stay up to date on the latest announcements by following Azuki at, and

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