The biggest Anime event returns to Los Angeles, Anime Expo 2023.

Fans and industry members from around the world come together to participate in this four-day celebration of anime and Japanese pop culture, jam-packed with announcements, special guests, exclusive premieres, interactive events, and more. With 300,000+ sq. ft of Exhibit Hall and 1000+ hours of programming, Anime Expo has become a must-see destination for any avid anime fan.

We got early access to the convention center as AX staff members, exhibitors, and industry staff continued building booths and sets.

Although the convention center halls were empty, hard-working SPJA staff prepared the center for its anticipated 350,000+ attendees.

In the Exhibit Hall, industry members set up their booths and get their activities ready for tomorrow, Day 0.

Our final stop was the iconic, South Lobby, where promotional booths and events are being set up.

View our FULL Behind the Scenes of Anime Expo Day -1

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