Yusuke Murata Illustrator of One-Punch Man to release original Anime series – Zaiyuki


Yusuke Murata, most notably known as the Illustrator of One Punch Man, took to Twitter to tease his newest project, Zaiyuki, an original anime series produced by his animation studio, Village Studio. As fans may remember, Yusuke Murata set up his animation studio while working on One-Punch Man, and he is finally ready for his first production.

In late February, Murata released a teaser video via Twitter showcasing the main characters of Zaiyuki, including character sketches. 

Earlier this week, Murata released “A Part” of Zaiyuki via Twitter in two tweets since the sneak peek video was too long for one tweet alone. According to the Murata’s tweets, he states since ‘A Part’ was completed, he decided to add subtitles and release it to the public.

According to Murata’s Twitter account, the story is based on The Journey to the West with a modern twist. The story centers around a weak Kappa or water sprite boy who gets caught up in turmoil and has to grow up quickly after encountering a group of treasure hunters. 

There has yet to be an official date on when Zaiyuki will be released or how many episodes it will contain; however, with the high-quality work of Murata’s work as an Illustrator, we can expect a high-quality animation and story from this upcoming original animation. We’re definitely in for a treat!

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