In the wake of Bridget’s popularity, since her appearance in Guilty Gear Strive, demand for Bridget goods have been skyrocketing. Some GGST Bridget goods are unfortunately only available in Japan. However, in recent announcements, this will no longer be the case. Here some current Bridget products that may be available for preorder soon.

Let’s start off with the Bridget plushie! Popular anime manufacturing company, Good Smile Company announced an upcoming Bridget Plushie, which currently available to pre-order here.

According to the preorder page, the plush measures about 7.87in in height and it’s mostly made of Polyester. The plush is set to be released some time in August of this year. Additionally, anime figure manufacturing company Max Factory announced their Bridget PVC which will be part of GSC’s POP UP PARADE series. According to Max Factory’s official Twitter account, the new Bridget figure is currently on display at the Wonder Festival 2023 in Chiba, Japan.

For those who are interested in Nendoroids, a Bridget nendoroid is also currently in the works at GSC!

Anime figure brand Spiritale, also announced a PVC Bridget figure prototype, and shared the photos via twitter.

Although there no official set release date, you can get more updates via their website, Finally, Kotobukiya also announced plans for an upcoming PVC figure, which will feature Bridget’s iconic move “Me and My Killing Machine”.

Demand for Bridget merchandise came after Bridget’s return to the Guilty Gear series made headlines in FGC. Bridget had been in a GG game for nearly a decade. Adding to the hype was a scene in GGST in which Bridget self-identifies as a woman, making Bridget one of the few Transgender characters to be featured in a popular fighting game.

These are only a few of the many Bridget goods on the way this year, keep your eye out online and twitter for more announcements from manufacturing companies like GSC, Kotobukiya, Max Factory and the like. There’s no official release date for most of the mentioned products, however you can find more information about the product and updates on their respective sites or social media accounts:

Bridget Plushie


Bridget Nendoroid

Spiritale’s PVC figure

Kotobukiya’s Bridget with Return of the Killing Machine

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