Crunchyroll’s annual anime convention, Crunchyroll Expo has been put on pause for 2023. The announcement was made via CRX’s home page,

Thank you for your support of Crunchyroll Expo. This year we decided to hit pause on CRX to focus on attending a growing roster of expos and festivals around the world.

Crunchyroll Expo Website

Crunchyroll did not state when they would return. Crunchyroll Expo, or CRX was schedule for August 4-6 in San Jose, California. This announcement comes just as CRX returned from its covid-19 hiatus, in August 2022. CRX 2022 was a hybrid version of the expo with both a physical location and online event.

CRX 2022 attendee in the San Jose Conc

In 2020 and 2021, CRX cancelled its physical events and went completely virtual to adapt to the covid19 state regulations.

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