Our Friends


The following are events/organizations that support our site and its content. Visit their sites for more information and show them the same love, you show us! Thank You!


AniFest is a yearly anime convention and festival dedicated to celebrating the arts and culture of Japanese animation. Cosplayers, vendors, partners, sponsors, performers, and event producers all come together in one day to bring you the best that an anime convention has to offer, but without the high price!

Visit: AniFest.org For Ticket information.

Sonic Revolution is an annual Sonic fan convention. Held in the golden state of California, Sonic Revolution is aimed to unite Sonic fans locally and across the world through local meet-ups, art and the love for the blue blur! You don’t need to live in the UK for Summer of Sonic, or hope for SEGA to bring Sonic Boom to their community, just come have fun with us!

Visit: Sonic Revolution’s facebook page For event information.

Ronin-Expo began in 2017 and was founded by six individuals that met and collaborated over the years at numerous events in Southern California. Since its inception, Ronin Expo’s main focus has been to promote a sense of community within Los Angeles and for those with a love of Asian culture. Ronin-Expo strives to collaborate with and encourage participation with artists, gamers, performers, and locals to create the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible. Located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, Ronin-Expo chose this location with the goal of being at the heart of one of the most prominent Japanese cities in the United States. While attending the con, guests can also visit the surrounding museums, dine at the local restaurants, and experience all that the city has to offer. 

Visit Ronin Expo’s Official Website For information.