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Since the beginning of 2023, TKN has been brainstorming other media formats to expand our reach to our followers. Thus, TKN PODCASTS was born! Our podcast(s) are often Influenced by anime and different personal experiences.

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Anime Journeys Podcast © TKN MEDIA LLC 2023

ANIME JOURNEYS – Anime & Conventions

Join us in our anime adventures, recounting our personal & professional stories going to anime events & conventions! Our show also touches on Anime as a general topic; expect anything and everything ANIME! Hosted by The Kitsune Network (TKN) founder and host Krystal Kitsune and Co-hosted by Tanya Reyes (TKN executive producer & assistant). Listen Below!

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Meet Riley

Art by Krystal Kitsune | Riley © TKN MEDIA LLC 2023

Much like our main mascot, ROSALIND, Riley is our “TKN-verse” character who produces and edits the audio for our podcast shows! You’ll see more of her as we continue to release show episodes.